Protein Skimmer

Protein skimmer is a device used to remove organic compounds such as food and waste particles from water. Used in water treatment plants and aquariums. It collects soft algae and phytoplankton in aquariums and aquaculture processes and removes some organic compounds including proteins and amino acids in food particles.

Alternative water filtration forms have been introduced, including algae cleaners, which release food particles in water to consume corals and fry tilapia, but they can remove harmful compounds containing ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate from water. With our protein skimmers that are easy to install and maintain, tilapia fish farming can be made healthier.

What Does Protein Skimmer Do?

Numerous small bubbles, hydrophobic organic molecules, and amphipathic organic molecules to be collected on the surface of the bubble offer a tremendous air/water interface. Water movement accelerates the spread of organic molecules that bring more organic molecules to the air/water interface and allow organic molecules to accumulate on the surface of air bubbles.

How Protein Skimmer Works

Protein Skimmers are operated using a central water pump. Thanks to its extremely strong fiberglass body, advanced strainers can be used for many years in closed circuit systems. They can be produced in different volumes for different demands.


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