Nursery Tank

Nursery tank is a tilapia rearing pool where the young fish develop into young fish. The shape and structure of the product types used are different from the ponds designed for other fish. Typically, used canal type pools provide with abundant amounts of oxygen, a rapid flow of water, and rapidly removes dirty materials from the environment.

In these tanks, it is very important to maintain the amount of tilapia and to prevent water leaching. The preferred material for making these tanks is fiberglass. The robust and healthy structure of the fiberglass enables the fish to grow more safely. Thanks to the structure of our nursery tanks, fish behaviors can be observed well and weak and dead fish can be easily detected.

Nursery Tank Features

  • The depth of the pool is not high.
  • Larvae are taken to the tanks where the first feeding will be done.
  • Fish density depends on the size of the fish and the oxygen content dissolved in water. If 15 ° C of high-quality water has oxygen saturation, the fish farmer can store between 80-90% of the fish density and 25 kg / m3 to 45 kg / m3.
  • Thanks to the fiberglass material used in tank construction, it has high resistance to corrosion and mechanical loads.


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