Drum filter is used in places where tilapia fish farming is carried out in large quantities. It separates and filters the water, which is dirty and contains solids, from solids by rotating the water in the spinning drum with centrifugation force. It sends the fresh water back to the system from the collection channels. It is a highly efficient and low-cost system.

The drum filter removes solid contaminants such as tilapia fish waste, fodder residues, and provides use of water for a longer period of time. The rotary vacuum drum filter is a continuous and automatic process, so the operating cost is low. By changing the drum rotation speed, the cake thickness can be controlled.


  • The fluid to be filtered is sent to a tub under the drum.
  • The drum rotates through the liquid and absorbs vacuum liquid and passes solids to the drum pre-coating surface, liquid portion being "absorbed" through filter media into interior of the drum and filtrate is pumped out.
  • Solids adhere to the outside of the drum, then a blade cuts off solids and liquid is removed from the system as the drum rotates.
  • Blade moves automatically as the surface is removed.


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