Conical Tanks

Fiberglass conical tanks are mostly used in live feed production (artemia and rotifera) in tilapia farming. These tanks, which are generally used for opening artemia eggs, are cylindrical-conical types made of polyester as building material. In the conical section of the tank, there is a 20-30 mm diameter lumboz for harvesting and observation.

Our conical tanks clean themselves and offer a healthy feed process. Conical tanks produced with fiberglass material are coated with long-lasting paints and can last for a long time.

Artemia Breeding

Artemia grows in salty lakes, is used as a food in fish farming. The food is handy because it can be stored for many years. Artemia eggs are put into salt water when desired, larvae are obtained and these larvae are given as feed to other fish larvae in the first days of feeding of fish larvae is used.

There are many procedures during the use of Artemia. These are, respectively, hydration, decapsulation(if necessary), cracking, harvesting and enrichment (if necessary).

The eggs are washed with fresh water and left in fresh water for one hour. This process is called hydration.

Artemia eggs are called softening and thinning of the skin and the process of decapsulation, which allows the larvae to be removed easily.

Conical Tank Working Logic

  • Ventilation is stopped before the Artemia eggs will be harvested after cracking.
  • Then it is waited for about 10 minutes. After this cracking, the remaining shells are collected at the top of the water.
  • Those who have not cracked collapse into the bottom.
  • Free-floating larvae are collected on the light field side of the tank with the help of light given to the middle
  • With the help of the siphon, live larvae are collected in a cloth similar to the sieve made of plankton cloth from the place where the larvae are gathered intensively.

Considerations During Cracking


Tanks will vary according to the number of eggs to be cracked.


It is recommended to perform a lighting operation between 1700-2500 lux.


Storage of Artemia eggs should be done in a dry environment.


It can be stated that 25-30 per thousand salinity rates are sufficient.


Very clean water should always be used. The oxygen content of at least 3 mg/lt should be 5 mg/lt.


When appropriate water conditions are achieved, the cracking time of eggs is 18-24 hours on average.


The pH is recommended to be between 8 and 9.


The most suitable water temperature is 27-28 ºC.


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