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Tilapia is seafood with a wide market demand due to its speedily growing and high nutritional value. When tilapia farming is made efficiently, the installation costs are quickly compensated and high profits can be achieved. With the proper management of tilapia farms, which have the ability to produce 3 times a year, a high share of the market can be achieved.

In tilapia breeding, it is possible to obtain a higher capacity tilapia from the same scale plant. For example, with the correct amount of oxygen use, the annual output can increase up to three times. Reduction of hidden costs such as cost of changing water, cost of temperature control will increase profit. As Tilapia RAS, we manage all these processes in the most efficient way and ensure that our customers get the highest level of earnings.


Tilapia is a freshwater fish with high import and export volumes and easy to produce. In Tilapia farming, it is important to master all the characteristics of tilapia and to establish the condition. All aspects of tilapia are described.


Tilapia is easy to grow because it is consumed in many countries of the world. Tilapia consumption is high due to features such as of high vitamin D source, good blood circulation and brain function, high amino acid content.

About Tilapia Background


Tilapia is from a genealogy of the Cichlidae family in Africa, which includes endemic hot water fish in Africa. They are resistant to pH between 5 and 11 and ammonia concentration of 2.5 mg / L. Although tilapias are freshwater fish, some species can live in salt water and can withstand high temperatures (between 13 ° C and 30 ° C) as well as have low oxygen requirements. Tilapia demand with high nutritional value and easy to grow is increasing day by day.

Key Benefits of Tilapia Fish

  • It is resistant to high temperatures and can be grown in salt water even despite it is freshwater fish.
  • Nutritional properties are both herbivorous and carnivorous and have an easy feeding process.
  • It starts to spawn in a short time and gives a high rate of breeding.
  • It has high vitamin D and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) content.
  • Due to its high protein content and high amino acid content in proteins, it is highly rich in nutritional value.
  • It is good for blood circulation, cardiovascular diseases, digestive system problems and cerebral functions.
  • Long distances can be transported vividly, without much waste.
  • It has a 99% survival rate, especially in large capacity tanks.
  • They reach high maturity in a short time.
  • Frozen tilapia or live tilapia has a voluminous amount of demand.


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